Inside the mind of an entrepreneur: our founder of the week tells us about the remote queuing solution he developed on Bubble to reduce physical queues in stores and lower the number of high-risk interactions.

I’ve always been attracted to entrepreneurship, that’s why I’ve always done side projects alongside my studies. Even though I have a lot of ideas, I still can’t devote as much time to it as I would like.

I studied product management and am now an IT tech consultant. Although I’m…

Inside the mind of an entrepreneur : our founder of the week tells us about his business acquisition strategy and the pivot he made with Remote quizz.

My background was mainly linked to finance for 6+ years. After obtaining my degree in finance, I served as a management consultant and then as a finance manager and CFO in a variety of healthcare and tech startups and companies.

I was attracted to entrepreneurship as early as university, when…

During its TechEd 2020 online conference (December 8–10), SAP unveiled Low/No-code development tools to reduce the complexity of creating applications and business processes.

SAP TechEd in 2018 (official website)

The leader in enterprise software has announced a new Cloud Platform Extension suite that brings together three types of tools for different skill levels and automation scenarios:

  • Cloud Platform Workflow Management: a Low-code solution for developers and business experts who will be able to configure and automate enterprise workflows with…

Inside the mind of an entrepreneur : our founder of the week talks about how he managed to get involved in side projects while studying and how he developed a business app with Bubble.

I came from a preparatory engineering class during which I had to work a lot without being able to devote time to personal projects. …

The famous rental platform has been in the headlines since its thunderous IPO on Thursday, December 10. An unexpected consecration in this period of Covid-19 pandemic. What are the good practices that led Airbnb to the $100 billion market capitalization?

Art by Mike Sullivan

1 — Don’t doubt your idea, but the way you implement it

“One thing I learned is, big ideas sound stupid in the beginning”, Brian Chesky.

Because in the beginning, it was far from being won.

Brian Chesky studied industrial design in art school. He had never heard of entrepreneurship, let alone thought of embarking on it. …

Inside the mind of an entrepreneur: our founder of the week tells us about the free employee scheduling application he built using Bubble and a custom algorithm.

Before being a data consultant at Epsilon, I had already started small entrepreneurial projects that unfortunately didn’t work well enough to work on them full-time. …

A record was broken. Salesforce software company purchased the Slack messaging platform on December 1, 2020, for a whopping $27.7 billion.

2020 is definitely not a year like any other. The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the creation of a brand new arena in which battles are already raging: the corporate remote collaboration market. …

Inside the mind of an entrepreneur: our founder of the week talks about the application he developed on Bubble to help people with their retirement savings.

I have always seen entrepreneurship as putting your shoulder against the world and pushing, and then feeling the world move. It’s an exhilarating and stimulating experience.

I immersed myself in it as early as high school when I started working on my own and doing odd jobs such as construction…

Inside the mind of an entrepreneur: our founder of the week tells about the company he created around the Facebook page “Être étudiant” with his co-associate and the recent release of their online resume solution.

“I was brought to it by meeting my friend and future co-associate Fabien Feuillard during our business school studies. We both had already made videos on Dailymotion that had worked well and wanted to realize news projects.

Our first project was a website called “Student Box” made on Wordpress to…

Melanie Bialgues

Communication & Marketing Intern at Cube (ex Intrafounders)

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